Indian Food


Indian Food, Recipes for Break Fast in Hindi

Indian food could be otherwise called as the ‘spicy and tasty’ food in the world, and indeed known for its variety of choices and mouthwatering dishes, which not only remain appealing in taste, but also in its appearance driven with a sense of color.

The Indian cuisines are quite popular all over the world, especially for the variety of choices one get to taste both in the vegetarian and non-vegetarian categories. Most prominent feature about the Indian food is that, the food remains particular pertaining to the specific characteristics of a region in the country, thus it differs from one state to another within in the country, even in one state, it varies from one region to the other. However, the north and south Indian dishes are quite popular worldwide, whereas the north India vividly includes regions like Mumbai, Delhi, Gujarat, Punjab, besides Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh from the southern part, both are renowned across the world for their savory dishes.

North Indian Cuisine

The most prominent dishes that are made out of wheat products like parathas, naan bread varieties, roti choices make the north Indian cuisine popular, besides the tasty chaat items like pani puri, bhel puri, channa samosa, sev puri, etc… could definitely remain long lasting with its tastes. If you take a deep look into the cuisine, you could see the logic behind the cuisine, i.e. wheat is the major cultivation crop in most parts of the northern India, thus the cuisine comprises of dishes made up of wheat. Well, it doesn’t stop with that, as its side dishes, so called the ‘subjis’ are noteworthy category in the north Indian menu list. It is usually consumed along with the roti and naan breads, or chapattis, parathas, and there are variety of such side dishes prevail in the region, like chicken tikka masala, chaana masala, dal fry, paneer masala, and many more, they are popular throughout the country, well the imperative fact is that it is well favored all over the world.

South Indian Cuisine

In the south Indian region, Kerala is popular for its variety of dishes, especially for the non-vegetarian dishes, like fish, chicken, etc… and in a way it is self-explanatory in its logic of having been located near the coastal regions, thus thriving in a variety of fish dishes. Next in the list would be Tamil Nadu, with its plenty of rice dishes, such dosas, rice cakes, namely idlis, pongal, and savory snack choices, like vada, sweets, etc… it becomes difficult to portray the south Indian dishes without the Tamil Nadu cuisine.


What makes the Indian cuisine so stimulating in its taste, presence, and food varieties? The answer is pretty long, as it comprises many facets, such as authentic use of ingredients, unique variety of spices, traditional formula, novelty via regional popularity, etc… Most of the women in India would be following their mothers’ recipes, adhering to the traditional methods of preparing a dish, this induces a sense of unique magical touch into the food, thus most of the food brands in India too promotes as, ‘Mother’s Special.’ Further for example, every region/city in Mumbai differs from the other in culture, language, style and worship, hence the logic of having variety of dishes and cuisines too seem indeed logical and necessary!

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